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Sheffield, Alabama  35660   USA

Phone: (256) 381-8015 Night    Day: (256) 383-3006

Earl "Peanutt" Montgomery, CEO

Some Of Our Equipment:

  • The Mixer Is The MACKIE 32-8-2 Console
  • Hard Drive Recorder is the ALESIS HD24
  • ADAT Recorders Are The FOSTEX  Digital Multitrack CX-8 and TASCAM DA-88
  • Our Analog Is The FOSTEX-E-16.
  • We Also Have Some Of The Latest Sideboard Equipment: AKG, SHURE, DIGITECH, TASCAM, ALESIS, T. C. Electronics And Others!

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    Marvin Morrow

    Earl and Charlene Montgomery

    George Jones

    Don and Maxine Rose

    Larry Phillip Russell

    Frances Jordan

    Emily Russell

    The Revelators (Missouri)

    The Harville Family

    Earl and Ann Morris

    Melba Montgomery

    Dennis and Reba Thompson

    Rual Yarbrough and Julie

    Hepsibah Baptist Church, Winnsboro, Texas

    Ron Rogers   

    The Psalmists

    Kim Weems Glover

    Eddie Mayfield

    The Eldridge Family

    The Highlanders

    Chris Scott

    Stephen Decker

    Elizabeth Couch

    Martha Baysinger

    The McGilliards

    The Fullers

    Anna Kimbrough

    The Revelators (Alabama)

    Aldersgate Praise

    Nita Purvis Singers

    The Wilsons

    Living Water Revival

    Annita Slate

    Penny Crum


    Jason Grigsby

    Joe Vandiver

    Lurley Mathis

    DeOnna Goodman

    Carole Montgomery

    Willie Mae Montgomery

    Ruth Holt

    Deta Vandiver

    Bob Askew

    Amanda Weems

    Jack Warren

    Roger Overton

    Dwight Hill

    The Crusaders

    Terry Brown Murphy

    Walter Morris

    Larry Shepherd

    Steven Springer

    James Whitten

    God's Country

    Dennis Rudder

    Don and Fay

    Lavanul Sherrill

    The Wayfarin' Strangers

    Lee Stem

    Larry Couch

    Don Barckin

    The Masters Quartet

    Faithful Servants

    The Band Gipsy

    Anita Suggs

    Wendy Thomas

    Bruce and Betty Halcomb

    Rebakah and Jennifer James

    Carl and Pat Lowery

    Rick and Jean Weatherford

    David Frost

    Lacey Ivy

    Wayne LoweryThe Sounds of CharityCharlotte Carmack Chris Smith
    Kensey PostonYears AgoSimp BeanGary Scales Mark HoltDennis ThompsonGeorge Bush
    Jake LandersJerry AdairMerle Red Taylor Dorothy SharptonCaylee SongPatricia GentryValerie and Meleah Hayden JohnsGwen Terry

    Some of the fine Musicians we have had on our cd and tape recordings in the past are: Paul Shepherd, John Turner, Marvin Wilson,Jr., Daryl Triplett, Larry McWilliams, Danny Malone, Randy Cutlip, Mark Davis, Mike Curtis, Jay Johnson, Berry Billings, Steve Herbert, Cindy Richardson, Ava Aldridge, Jerry Wallace, John Sironis, Jimmie Raburn, Rick Williams, Gary Baker, Sue Richards, Donnie Carpenter, Travis Wommack, Junior Lowe, Susan Holland, Wanda Lynn Montgomery, Butch Ledford, Harvey Thompson, David Underwood, Denesha Breazeale, Tammy McCollister, Vikki Poss, Steve Bigbee, Wayne Harville, Will Mcfarlane, Ronnie Oldham, "Killer" Oldham, Chamers Davis, Milton Sledge, John Willis, Jack Solomon, David C. Russell, Steve "Rabbit" Easter, Stan Dailey, Dennis Parker, Bill Burns, Tommy Paterson, Billy Dale Sexton, Darryl Worley, Lem Smith, DeWayne Phillips, Sharon Winters, Billy Lawson, Ray Barger, Ed Goodwin, Tony Couch, Tosha Brooke Hill, Hayden Johns, Billy Hall, Debbie Glock and Gwen Terry.


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    Earl and Charlene Montgomery

    Mister Magic Music, BMI

    The Legend of George Jones, a new book by Charlene Montgomery and Heritage Builders Publisher. Release date 4/15/2014.

    King of Kings Air Praise Radio Compilations

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