Earl Montgomery Songs

This Is A List Of Songs Written Or Co-Written By Earl Montgomery And A List Of Artists Who Sings Them!

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***Earl Montgomery Has Been A BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc.) Songwriter Since 1959***

Earl Montgomery has songs recorded by all these recording artists: Tanya Tucker, Bobby Bare, Porter Wagoner, Dolly Parton, EmmyLou Harris, Roy Clark, Johnny Paycheck, Jody Miller, Jimmy Davis, Mac Wiseman, John Starnes, Jimmy Swaggart, Sammi Smith, Trisha Yearwood, Elvis Costello, Bob Dylan, C.C.Adcock, Eddy Arnold, Barbara Mandrell, Kenny Price, Johnny Cash, Dallas Frazier, Merle Haggard, Connie Smith, Jerry Lee Lewis, Jimmy C. Newman, Mel Street, Judy Lynn, The Wilburn Brothers, Gene Pitney, Charlie Walker, Jack Greene, Percy Sledge, Diana Trask, Ava Aldridge, Carl Smith, Judy Page, Peter Lotis, Freddie Hart, Donna Darlene, Shot Jackson, Susan Raye, Neal Hart, David Houston, Lance James, Roy Head, Hank Williams, Jr., Joe Henderson, Ricky Sears, Patsy Sledd, Doug Bowles, Mona Taylor, Earl Green, Wilma Lee Cooper, The Oak Ridge Boys, The Rex Nelon Singers, Bobby Lee, Judy Kester, Monty Lee, Earl and Charlene Montgomery, Tammy Wynette, George Jones, The Sons Of Texas, Dennis and Reba Thompson, Rual Yarbrough and Julie, Arvee Kiser, Melba Montgomery, Peggy Little, Dwayne Phillips, Don Johnson, Buddy Alan, Wild Bill Emerson, Cindy Lou's Cinders, Pat Roberts, Dave O'Connor, James Hollie, Ernie Tafoya, The Rainbows, Connie Hall, Etta James, B.J.Thomas, Vestal Goodman, Albert Lee, Rice, Rice Hillman, & Pederson, Marvin Gaye, Ernest Tubb, Marty Raybon & Full Circle, Daryle Singletary, Frank Ifield, Phil Leadbetter, Hazel Dickens, Cropduster, Bobby Mitchell, Blue Mitchell, The Kendalls, The Stonemans, Dave Bartholomew, Michael Bloomfield, Nancy Wilson, Branson Brothers, Michael Jerome, The Countdown Singers, Soloman Burke, Pat Boone, Jerry Reed, Don Rich, Buck Owens, Joe Diffie, Shauna Faegan, Wynonna Judd, Joe Nichols, LeeAnn Womack, LuLu Belle and Scotty, Thompson Square, Ray Stevens, Jim Ed Brown, Larry Gatlin, Stonewall Jackson, Marley's Ghost, Brad Davis, Randy Owen with Alabama, and others.

Song Titles
What's Your Mama's Name, Child  (Writers: Earl Montgomery and Dallas Frazier)Tanya Tucker, Lance James and Bobby Bare
Unwanted Babies  (Writer: Earl Montgomery)Glenn Paterson (AKA George Jones)
Four-o-Thirty Three  (Writers: Earl Montgomery and George Jones)Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton
One Of These Days  (Writer: Earl Montgomery)EmmyLou Harris, Roy Clark, Rual Yarbrough and Julie
Let's All Go down To The River  (Writers: Earl Montgomery and Sue Richards)Johnny Paycheck, Jody Miller, Jimmy Davis, Mac Wiseman, John Starnes, Jimmy Swaggart, Jerry Reed, and The Pilgrims For Jesus
Where Grass Won't Grow  (Writer: Earl Montgomery)EmmyLou Harris, Dolly Parton, Sammi Smith and Trisha Yearwood
Sally Sue Brown  (Writers: Earl Montgomery, Tom Stafford and Arthur June Alexander)Elvis Costello, Bob Dylan and C. C. Adcock and Arthur Alexander
Each Road I Take (Leads Back To You)  (Writers: Earl Montgomery and Dallas Frazier)Eddy Arnold
In The Name Of Love  (Writers: Earl Montgomery, Carmel Taylor and George Richey)Barbara Mandrell and Jody Miller
Old Mose  (Writer: Earl Montgomery)Kenny Price, The Wilsons, Earl and Charlene Montgomery
Refuge For Wildlife  (Writers: Earl Montgomery and Dallas Frazier)Kenny Price and Arvee Kiser
There's No Two Sides To Christ  (Writer: Earl Montgomery)Kenny Price, Earl and Charlene Montgomery
California Cotton Fields  (Writers: Earl Montgomery and Dallas Frazier)Tanya Tucker, Johnny Cash, Dallas Frazier, Merle Haggard, Gram Parsons & Emmalou Harris, Marty Raybon & Full Circle, Rual Yarbrough and The Dixiemen
We're Gonna Hold On  (Writers: Earl Montgomery and George Jones)Connie Smith and Barbara Mandrell
The Woman In Me  (Writers: Earl Montgomery and Charlene Montgomery)Jody Miller
Cotton Eyed Joe  (Writers: Earl Montgomery, Albert S. Lowe, Jr., Ronnie Oldham)Sons Of Texas
Texas Music  (Writers: Earl Montgomery, Albert S. Lowe, Jr., Max Lee)Sons Of Texas
What My Woman Can't Do (Can't Be Done)  (Writers: Earl Montgomery, Billy Sherrill and George Jones)Jerry Lee Lewis
The Mover  (Writer: Earl Montgomery)Jimmy C. Newman and Peanut Montgomery, 111
Loving You Could Never Be Better  (Writers: Earl Montgomery, Charlene Montgomery and Betty Tate)Tanya Tucker and Mel Street
Right Won't Touch A Hand  (Writer: Earl Montgomery)Sammi Smith
Yellowstone  (Writer: Earl Montgomery)Judy Lynn
When I Look Up (I See The Ground)  (Writer: Earl Montgomery)Judy Lynn
Walk On Me  (Writers: Earl Montgomery and Melba Montgomery)Judy Lynn
I'm Not Gonna Dress Up  (Writer: Earl Montgomery)The Wilburn Brothers
I'll Take What's Left Of Me  (Writer: Earl Montgomery)The Wilburn Brothers
I'm Up To My Neck In I.O.U.'s  (Writer: Earl Montgomery)Gene Pitney
The More I Saw Of her (The Blinder I Became)  (Writers: Earl Montgomery and Melba Montgomery)Gene Pitney
Won't Take Long  (Writer: Earl Montgomery)Gene Pitney
I'm Gonna Build Me A Swimming Pool  (Writer: Earl Montgomery)Charlie Walker
Never You  (Writer: Earl Montgomery)Jack Green and Jimmy Oliver
Brand New Ball Game  (Writer: Earl Montgomery)Jimmy Oliver
The Woman Loves Me Right  (Writer: Earl Montgomery)Johnny Paycheck
Love Me All The Way  (Writer: Earl Montgomery)Percy Sledge (From The Album: "When A Man Loves A Woman")
The King  (Writer: Earl Montgomery)Diana Trask
I Can't Get Used To Being Lonely  (Writers: Earl Montgomery and Melba Montgomery)Connie Smith
Mama's Got Something Cooking  (Writers: Earl Montgomery, Tommy Brasfield and Brent Cartee)Ava Aldridge
Our Song Of Love  (Writers: Earl Montgomery, Carl Montgomery and Earl Green)Porter Wagoner
Take Care Of Our Baby  (Writer: Earl Montgomery)Carl Smith
Being Together  (Writers: Earl Montgomery and Melba Montgomery)Judy Page, Peter Lotis and Gene Pitney
What's Left Of My Mind  (Writers: Earl Montgomery and George Richey)Freddie Hart
High On The Thought Of You  (Writers: Earl Montgomery and Charlene Montgomery)Johnny Paycheck
If I Were  (Writer: Earl Montgomery)Gene Pitney
We Haven't Tried  (Writers: Earl Montgomery and Melba Montgomery)Gene Pitney
There's Gonna Be More Loving  (Writers: Earl Montgomery and Melba Montgomery, )Gene Pitney, Donna Darlene and Shot Jackson
Lay Down Your Arms  (Writers: Earl Montgomery and Melba Montgomery)Gene Pitney
King and Queen  (Writer: Earl Montgomery)Gene Pitney
If Loving You Start Hurting Me  (Writers: Earl Montgomery,Charlene Montgomery and George Richey)Freddie Hart and Peggy Little
Honkytonk Homestead  (Writers: Earl Montgomery and Roger Bowling)Susan Raye
You've Got Him On Your Mind  (Writers: Earl Montgomery and Donnie Fritts)Neal Hart
The Lady Of The Night  (Writers: Earl Montgomery and George Richey)David Houston
The Door I Used To Close  (Writers: Earl Montgomery and Dallas Frazier)Roy Head
Six Daze On The Road  (Writer: Earl Montgomery, Carl Montgomery and Earl Green)Peanut Montgomery,111
I Said I Wouldn't But I Did  (Writers: Earl Montgomery and James Joiner)Peanut Montgomery,111
Where He's Going With You (I've Already Been)  (Writers: Earl Montgomery, Hank Williams, Jr. and Brent Cartee)Hank Williams, Jr.
Honey On My Lips  (Writers: Earl Montgomery, Norbert Putnam and Tom Stafford)Joe Henderson
Slim and None  (Writer: Earl Montgomery)Peanut Montgomery, 111
Make Him Go  (Writer: Earl Montgomery)Ricky Sears
I'm Gonna Roast Your Duck  (Writer: Earl Montgomery)Ricky Sears
Bring Me Some Water  (Writer: Earl Montgomery)Ricky Sears
Stayin' Home Woman  (Writer: Earl Montgomery)Patsy Sledd
Dying A Little Every Day  (Writer: Earl Montgomery)Mona Taylor
The Legend Of Sam Baskin  (Writers: Earl Montgomery, Carl Montgomery and Earl Green)Earl Green
The Birds Are Back  (Writer: Earl Montgomery)Wilma Lee Cooper
Your Going Is Coming  (Writer: Earl Montgomery)Charlie "Sugartime" Phillips
All Our Favorite Songs  (Writers: Earl Montgomery and George Jones)The Oak Ridge Boys and The Rex Nelon Singers
Old Fashion Singing  (Writers: Earl Montgomery and Virginia Wynette "Tammy Wynette" Jones)The Rex Nelon Singers
Jesus Is A City  (Writer: Earl Montgomery)Earl "Peanutt" Montgomery
I Love You Lord  (Writer: Earl Montgomery)Earl "Peanutt" Montgomery
Beautiful Story  (Writer: Earl Montgomery)Earl "Peanutt" Montgomery
I'll Be Back In My Baby's Arms Tomorrow  (Writer: Earl Montgomery)Bobby Lee
The Morning Had To Come  (Writer: Earl Montgomery)Judy Kester
Listen Arms  (Writers: Earl Montgomery and Melba Montgomery)Monty Lee
Love Is Where The Heart Is  (Writers: Earl Montgomery, Melba Montgomery and Bill Hayes)Monty Montgomery
The World Can't Save Me  (Writer: Earl Montgomery)Monty Lee
Mistook My Friends  (Writer: Earl Montgomery)Monty Lee
We're Watching Our Step  (Writers: Earl Montgomery and Melba Montgomery)Monty Lee
I'm Gonna Take Today Off  (Writer: Earl Montgomery)Monty Lee
When The Clown Breaks Down And Cries  (Writers: Earl Montgomery and Carl Montgomery)Monty Lee
I'm Hard As A Rock  (Writer: Earl Montgomery)Neal Hart
My Old Shoes  (Writer: Earl Montgomery)Connie Hall
Bull Of The Woods  (Writer: Earl Montgomery)Ernie Tafoya
Love Song Singin' Man  (Writers: Earl Montgomery, George Richey and Carmel Taylor)Pat Roberts
Make My Music Country  (Writer: Earl Montgomery)James Hollie
Have You Seen My Chicken  (Writers: Earl Montgomery and Jody Emerson)Wild Bill Emerson
S.O.Brown  (Writer: Earl Montgomery)Dave O'Connor
Close Together As You And Me  (Writer: Earl Montgomery)Cindy Lou's Cinders
Oh Me, Oh My  (Writer: Earl Montgomery)Doug Bowles
Gonna Go Down (To See My Baby)  (Writers: Earl Montgomery, Billy Sherrill, Tony Couch, Randy Allen and Ray Barger)The Rainbows
Heartship  (Writer: Earl Montgomery)Dwayne Phillips
Mississippi Mama  (Writers: Earl Montgomery and Claude "Curley" Putman, Jr.)Dwayne Phillips
I've Met The Man  (Writer: Earl Montgomery)Don Johnson
If They Could Only See Me Now  (Writers: Earl Montgomery and Buddy Alan)Buddy Alan
Loving You Has Sure Been Good To Me  (Writerts: Dallas Frazier and Earl Montgomery) Connie Smith

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