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How To Arrange Guitar Pedals?

Dynamics (compressors), filters (wah), pitch shifters, and volume pedals are all generally placed at the beginning of the signal chain to maximize efficiency. After that, there are gain-based effects such as overdrive/distortion pedals to consider. Modulation effects like as choruses, flangers, and phasers are often placed after the delay effect.

Does the order of guitar pedals matter?

The order in which you use your pedals is important. If you have numerous pedals, the sequence in which they are set up is important since the signal is being processed many times as a result of the various pedals. It is generally recommended to configure your distortion and drive pedals first, followed by your modulation pedals, which include effects like echo, chorus, flanger, tremolo, and so on.

Where should chorus go in pedal chain?

How to Position a Chorus Pedal in Your Effects Chain A modulation effect, the chorus should be positioned somewhat late in your pedal chain in order to maximize its effectiveness. A wah pedal, compression pedal, overdrive pedal, and distortion pedal should all be used after this one, but it should come before your delay pedal, tremolo pedal, or reverb pedal.

Where does the delay pedal go in the chain?

Delays and reverbs are used to enhance the sound. The delay/echo and reverb effects should be positioned at the end of the signal chain – preferably with the delay in front of the reverb – largely because both are “ambience” effects that create the sense of a sound space or atmosphere, and thus should be put at the conclusion of the signal chain.

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Should tremolo go before or after delay?

In general, the tremolo effect should be placed last among all modulation effects, following the chorus, phaser, and flanger. As long as you place the tremolo before both your delay and reverb pedals, it will only have an effect on the dry section of your sound, leaving the delay and reverb to sound even more crazy.

Where should I put my whammy pedal?

Overall, tremolo should be placed last in the list of modulation effects, following the chorus and phaser effects but before the flanger and delay effects. As long as you place the tremolo before both your delay and reverb pedals, it will only have an effect on the dry section of your sound, leaving your delay and reverb to sound even crazier.

Where does a flanger go in the chain?

In your signal chain, where does a flanger fit in best? With most modulation effects, flanger is best used near the conclusion of your pedal chain, where it will have the biggest impact on your music. It’s recommended to place it after everything else, with the exception of ambient effects such as reverb and delay.

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