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How To File A Guitar Nut? (Correct answer)

  • File the nut’s front edge at a 45-degree angle to the rear edge of the file so that the string will have appropriate downward pressure. The real point of contact between the string and the nut should be at the front of the nut in order to play effectively in tune (the fretboard side). When playing guitars with slanted headstocks, make sure to follow the angle of the headstock.

How do you adjust the height of a guitar nut?

Making Modifications to the Nut

  1. If the nut is just a smidgeon too high, you can softly file down the grooves where the strings are supposed to be sitting. If the nut is significantly too high, it’s typically preferable to just remove it totally and shave a little amount of height off the bottom of the nut with a file.

How do I fix my nut slot too deep?

Instead, gently place a drop of glue in the nut slot that is causing the problem. Then sprinkle a little bone powder on top to finish it off! You can use a little scrap of card stock to push it into place. Allow for a few minutes of setup time.

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How do I know if my nut slot is too low?

Hold the string down at the third fret and measure how far it travels over the first fret to determine nut-slot height. This is similar to testing for neck relief, except that the string should move considerably more slowly in this case. Generally speaking, if the string does not move at all, the slot is likely to be too low.

Can a bad nut cause fret buzz?

Uneven intonation, string buzz, and poor playability of the first few frets of your guitar are all possible consequences of a badly cut and set-up top nut.

How deep should a nut slot be?

In order for the slots to be effective, they should only be deep enough such that 1/3 of the string is above the nut and 2/3 is in the nut.

How wide should nut slots be?

The actual width of the nut slot should be precisely equal to the width of the string when creating an ideal nut.. A string with a width of 017″, or seventeen thousandths of an inch, wishes to be accommodated in a slot with a width of exactly seventeen thousandths of an inch as well.

Why does my string click when I tune it?

There are two possibilities here: either your string has started to rub slightly against the nut or your string is beginning to stretch past its elastic limit. Most usually, all you need to do to smooth out your nut is massage it with a sharp pencil lead. Depending on how you have it tuned and how it is clicking, you may find that it will go out as soon as you bend or extend the string a little.

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How high should the strings be at the nut?

The top of the nut is contoured to match the radius of the fretboard, and the string slots are similarly contoured to match this curvature. The bottoms of the slots should be 030″ higher than the fret height in order to allow the strings to clear the top of the first fret while playing the first note.

How high should your strings be off the fretboard?

When measured at the 12th fret (as seen in the photo), the action height for a steel string acoustic guitar should be 2.6 mm, 1.8 mm for an electric guitar, 2.0 mm for a bass, and 3 mm for a classical guitar.

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