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How To Measure Guitar Nut Width? (Solved)

The breadth of the guitar’s neck at the nut is referred to as the nut width. String spacing refers to the distance between the low E string and the high E string, as well as the way the strings spread out as the instrument gets closer to the saddle. A number of manufacturers take this measurement at the 14th fret, whilst others take it directly at the saddle of the guitar.

  • Fortunately, the measurements of a guitar nut are quite straightforward to determine. To determine the length of the nut, all you have to do is measure from one end to the other (you’re measuring the longest side of the nut, along the straight edge). Because the difference between numerous nut widths is measured in fractions of an inch, it’s important to be extremely exact.

What guitar has the widest nut?

Which guitar has the nut that is the widest? The Cordoba C10 and C12 have a nut width of 2.04″, which is the biggest we’ve ever seen on a guitar nut. The likelihood is that additional six-string classical guitars are available with a measurement close to this, and maybe even somewhat broader.

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Is a wider nut easier to play?

Which guitar has the nut that is the widest?… In terms of nut width, the Cordoba C10 and C12 are both 2.04″, which is the biggest we’ve seen so far. Other six-string classical guitars of a comparable dimension, or even a little broader, are likely to be available.

How wide should nut slots be?

The actual width of the nut slot should be precisely equal to the width of the string when creating an ideal nut.. A string with a width of 017″, or seventeen thousandths of an inch, wishes to be accommodated in a slot with a width of exactly seventeen thousandths of an inch as well.

How are nut slots measured?

Place a feeler gauge between the bottom of the string and the top of the first fret after tuning the guitar to pitch and after the neck and bridge have been adjusted to determine the height of the nut slot.

Can you change the nut width on a guitar?

Is it possible to adjust the nut width on your guitar? Yes, every nut width has a defined size, which might be useful in the absence of finger space in some situations. While changing nut width, there is the possibility that your fingers will run out of room to use the tool. And you can wind up destroying your instrument as a result.

What is the nut width of a Stratocaster?

What exactly is it? The neck width of a normal Strat is 1.650 inches at the nut position (42mm).

Does guitar nut width matter?

It is often believed that nut width is essential in relation to your approach to the guitar, for example, whether you like to use a pick or play fingerstyle more often. However, nut width is less significant than string spacing for the majority of players since nut width primarily impacts the fretting hand and not the picking hand.

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What is the best nut width?

The most common nut width is around 1.73 inches in diameter. Most players find this to be a comfortable width, and these guitars are known for their versatility.

What is the standard nut width on an acoustic guitar?

There is a wide range of nut sizes available on acoustic guitars. They normally range in size from 1 11/16″ to 1 3/4″, however some reach as high as 1 7/8″ and as low as 1 23/32″. Despite the fact that the variances between these nut widths are quite minor, your hands may nevertheless feel the difference between them.

Why are classical guitar necks so wide?

Steel strings are used on acoustic and electric guitars, whilst nylon strings are used on classical guitars and other instruments. It is customary for the guitar neck to be broader than normal in order to allow the player’s fingers to press down on a string without coming into touch with adjacent strings during quick musical parts.

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