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How To Relic A Guitar Body? (TOP 5 Tips)

What is the purpose of an antique guitar?

  • The term “Relic guitar” refers to a guitar that has had its appearance altered to mimic a guitar that has been played continuously for the past 60 years. Chips to the body, which are frequent damage for guitars that have been gigged fiercely and transported all over the globe on tour, are among the things that might give the appearance of a guitar having been played for a few decades.

Why would you Relic A Guitar?

The appearance of a relic guitar is that it has been worn, damaged, chipped and shredded, despite the fact that it is brand new. A relic finish, also known as an ageing or distressing process, is a hand-crafted guitar feature that can vary in appearance just like any other hand-designed guitar feature.

Why are relic guitars so expensive?

It everything boils down to supply and demand. In this case, the corporation is no different from a blue jean manufacturer that charges more for a pair of worn out faded jeans than they price for a typical pair just because they can.

Is Relicing a guitar bad?

The advantage of relics is that they may be transported anywhere without the worry of harming a precious antique collectible. When purchasing a vintage instrument that will empty your cash, there is always the fear about the authenticity of the paint finish, the correctness of a pickguard screw, and the veracity of the solder connections.

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Should you relic your guitar?

Relicing guitars is a trendy fad that is only becoming more popular as time passes. It goes without saying that purchasing a new guitar and just playing it for decades is the most “natural” and best approach to restore an old guitar. Over time, it will accumulate dents, dings, and scars, which will combine to give a wonderful vintage appearance when combined.

What is a Nocaster guitar?

From a historical standpoint, the Nocaster was just a Telecaster with the ‘Telecaster’ portion of the headstock logo clipped out in response to Gretsch’s objections over the name because they already had a drum kit named the Broadkaster in production.

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