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How To Sell A Guitar On Reverb? (Solution)

Why should you sell your items on Reverb?

  • Others who have equipment they wish to sell will find that there is a market of people who are especially interested in what they have to offer. Reasons to list your items for sale on There are no listing costs, therefore you will make more money than if you were to sell on eBay. Transaction fees on Reverb are 3.5 percent of the entire sale (which includes delivery) plus a processing charge for processing payments.

How does selling a guitar on Reverb work?

The pricing structure of Reverb is straightforward and straightforward. It is completely free and simple to list your equipment for sale. When your instrument sells, we deduct the selling and transaction costs from the final selling price, and the remaining funds are yours to keep.

How much does Reverb charge to sell a guitar?

After your item has sold, Reverb charges a selling fee of 5% of the total sale price (including delivery) to cover the costs of running the site and maintaining the database. The smallest price is $0.50, while the most expensive fee is $500. For example, if you sell a $15,000 guitar, instead of charging you a transaction fee of $750 (5 percent), we will just charge you $500.

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How long does it take to sell a guitar on Reverb?

Generally speaking, it takes three weeks on average from when a piece of gear is listed on Reverb to when the item is sold on Reverb.

How do I sell an item on Reverb?

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Get Things Started. Click on the orange “Sell Your Gear” button located in the upper right-hand corner of the website. Fill out the basic information form that appears. If you have a single-page listing form, you can get your item up on Reverb and selling in no time. Add photos and a description.
  2. Shipping details.
  3. Return policy
  4. Save and review your listing
  5. Repeat the process.

Is Reverb good for selling?

To Begin, click here. Simply click on the orange “Sell Your Gear” button located in the upper right-hand corner of the website and fill out the form that appears. If you have a single-page listing form, you can get your item up on Reverb and selling in as little as a few hours. Add photos, a description, shipping information, and a return policy. Save and review your listing.

Is it free to sell on Reverb?

Selling Fee on Reverb Every item that is sold on Reverb is subject to a 5 percent commission fee. There are no costs associated with the creation of a new listing or the removal of an existing one that has not sold. This charge is deducted from the total value of the transaction (including shipping).

Who pays shipping on Reverb?

Keeping all of your correspondence and transactions on Reverb will ensure that you have the most secure selling experience possible. Because the delivery is covered by your customer, if you price your ad right, this will not be any more expensive than placing a domestic order.

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What is a preferred seller on Reverb?

Sellers who enroll in Reverb’s Preferred Seller Program are eligible to get unique perks as well as access to specific tools that will assist them in growing their Reverb Shop’s business.

Can Reverb take money out of my account?

We are unable to charge negative amounts to PayPal accounts or bank accounts for any reason. Any Payout Reverb Balance that you have on your account will be utilized first to offset any negative balances that you have on your Reverb account as well. If you receive a complete refund, you will be reimbursed for the 5 percent selling fee charged by Reverb.

Do you need a bank account to sell on Reverb?

No. Before you can spend your payout sum on Reverb, you must first withdraw it to your bank account and deposit it there. What led you to make this decision? Reverb Payments also enables you to accept a wide range of payment methods, which attracts more customers and helps you sell your gear more rapidly than other platforms.

Is it safe to buy guitars from Reverb?

The answer is yes; Reverb is a fantastic, dependable marketplace to conduct business. Reverb has the potential to be the finest site for buying and selling music equipment because of its superb customer service, which is headed by musicians, solid protection policies for both the buyer and the seller, and an extremely user-friendly layout.

How do I get a shipping label on Reverb?

What is the procedure for purchasing a Reverb shipping label?

  1. Go to your Orders page and locate the order. Click on the green ‘Get Shipping Label’ button to begin. Enter the package’s weight and measurements in the appropriate fields. Include a signature requirement as well as Reverb Safe Shipping with your package. Select ‘Review Rates’ from the drop-down menu. Choose the shipping type that best suits your needs.
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