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What Guitar Did Elvis Play In 68 Comeback? (Best solution)

Despite the fact that Elvis Presley’s 1942 Martin D-18 acoustic guitar just sold for $1.32 million, don’t be alarmed: another of the King’s axes, this one his cherry-red Hagstrom Viking II electric guitar, famed for its use in the classic ’68 Comeback Special, is about to reach the market.

  • A second Super 400 CES was purchased by Moore in 1964, and he used it on Elvis Presley’s 1968 Comeback television spectacular, during which Moore momentarily exchanged the guitar for Elvis’ Gibson J-200 acoustic for a couple of songs while Elvis played electric. In both of these songs, as well as in the song “Blue Christmas,” you can see Elvis strumming the guitar in the background.

What guitar did Elvis play on the 68 Comeback Special?

On the 1968 Comeback TV special, Moore momentarily exchanged the guitar for Elvis’ Gibson J-200 acoustic for a couple of songs when Elvis played electric. In 1964, Moore acquired a second Super 400 CES that he used on the ’68 Comeback television special. ; That is the guitar you can hear Elvis playing on these two songs, and it can also be heard on the Blue Christmas tune.

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What was Elvis’s favorite guitar?

Gibson EBS-1250 Double Bass from 1965 After the construction was completed, Elvis purchased the Gibson and it quickly became one of his favorite guitars. This Gibson is a part of the Graceland Archives’ collection of instruments.

Did Elvis play a Hagstrom guitar?

Famous for its role in helping Elvis Presley resurrect his live performance career in 1968, the Hagstrom was used by the rock ‘n’ roll legend during a specially broadcast music event on NBC on December 3, 1968 – Presley’s first public performance in more than seven years and his first appearance on the show.

How much did Elvis Presley guitar sell for?

In a recent auction, a Hagstrom Viking II electric guitar, which was played by Elvis Presley during his memorable 1968 televised “comeback spectacular,” went for $625,000.

Who bought Elvis guitar?

Prior to the sale, the Elvis guitar was in the possession of Seattle-based DMX Music’s Michael Malone, who is a well-known collector of rock instruments and vintage race cars. For $151,700, Malone purchased the instrument at an auction held by Christie’s of London in 1993.

What instrument did Elvis Presley play?

However, although Elvis Presley’s voice was the foundation of his renowned career, it wasn’t the only instrument he used. What musical instruments did Elvis perform on? He was a guitarist, bassist, and pianist, and he also dabbled with other instruments such as the drums, accordion, and ukulele.

Did Elvis play guitar well?

Throughout his career, he acquired a large number of additional and much finer guitars, and he utilized several of them as prop guitars in his films. Despite the fact that Elvis was a skilled guitarist and had a strong command of the guitar, he was no virtuoso when it came to playing.

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What amp did Elvis Presley use?

***Al mentioned that once Elvis got a guitar to play through, he needed an amplifier, and the Benson 200 was the only one he could get his hands on.

Did Elvis play a Gretsch guitar?

Elvis performs on a Gretsch Country Gentleman guitar. When Elvis performed on stage, he used two guitars: a 1956 Gretsch Country Gentleman guitar and a 1956 Gibson J-200N guitar, which had been modified in the 1960s with a custom pickguard.

Who owns Elvis first guitar?

Tupelo Hardware Company was founded in 1926 and is well known for being the location where Gladys Presley acquired a guitar for her son Elvis in 1946 as a birthday present for the young musician. According to a letter made by a longstanding employee who happened to be present on that day, young Elvis Presley desired a ring for his birthday.

Where did Elvis buy his first guitar?

The guitar was purchased for $6.95 by Elvis’s overprotective mother, Gladys—”She never allowed me out of her sight,” Elvis would later recall—who then brought him to the Tupelo Hardware Store, where he received a present that would change the course of history: a six-stringed instrument. Elvis Aaron Presley was 11 years old when this happened on January 8, 1946.

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