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What Guitar Did Johnny Ramone Play? (Question)

In addition to appearing on each of The Ramones’ 14 studio albums and performing at nearly 2,000 live shows between 1977 and their disbandment in 1996, the guitarist’s 1965 Mosrite Ventures II was used on every single one of their 14 studio albums and performed at every single one of their nearly 2,000 live shows between 1977 and their disbandment in 1996.

  • Mosrite guitars, made in the United States and connected with 1960s pop and rock music, were a favorite of Johnny Ramone. The Mosrites were small and light, making them ideal for playing endless barre chords on the piano. Johnny originally purchased a guitar (of unknown brand) in 1965, but he did not truly learn how to play it until a year later, when he “just fiddled around for about a year.”

Was Johnny Ramone a good guitarist?

Johnny Ramone was an exceptionally talented guitarist. He has the stamina to downpick for hours on end. However, he lacked technical knowledge. And he largely kept to the rhythm guitar and a few chords for the most part.

Who bought Johnny Ramone’s guitar?

Dani Rey, who produced Ramones records and penned songs with the band, sold the guitar for a whopping $25,000 dollars. During the Ramones’ breakup, he purchased the guitar from Johnny, who was also his friend. The winning offer was received through the Boston-based business RR Auction, and it was $937,500 dollars.

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How much did Johnny Ramone’s guitar sell for?

In a recent auction, an electric guitar originally owned by John William Cummings – better known by his stage name Johnny Ramone – was sold for a stunning $937,500. In addition to being included on every Ramones record, the instrument is reported to have been performed at around 1,985 of the band’s live performances between 1977 and their final disbandment in 1996.

Where are mosrite guitars made?

Mosrite was an American guitar manufacturing firm situated in Bakersfield, California, from the late 1950s through the early 1990s. The company produced guitars for a variety of customers.

What amps did Johnny Ramone use?

From late 1975 until the present, Johnny has solely utilized Marshall amplifiers. Various versions of these amplifiers were utilized by the Ramones since they were hired for performances in Europe and on a few other occasions. When the Ramones’ truck of equipment was broken into, the band members were forced to go out and buy new amplifiers.

How do you get the Ramones guitar sound?

You’ll be playing just root fifth power chords with a hot single-coil pickup in the bridge position like a Mosrite (which is what Johnny Ramone used) or a P-90, fed through a fuzz pedal into a fully cranked Marshall amplifier. Also, keep your instrument at around knee level.

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