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What Happened To Guitar Hero Live? (Solved)

Informaton on the suspension of the GHTV service. GHTV mode in Guitar Hero Live is no longer accessible to play as of December 1, 2018. This is due to the fact that we have discontinued the GHTV service and the servers have been shut down. The GH Live mode on consoles continues to work in the same manner as before.

  • In addition to the 42 base songs included in Guitar Hero Live, which was launched in 2015, Guitar Hero TV includes almost 500 extra streaming music. However, Activision stated last summer that the service will be shut down on December 1st, 2018, therefore preventing customers from accessing any of the music.

Did Guitar Hero Live Fail?

Guitar Hero Live, on the other hand, has been abandoned, although Rock Band 4 continues to produce song packs and maintain a core fanbase. The streaming service for GHTV has been turned off for the time being.

Will there be another Guitar Hero after live?

1. While there has been no official word on the future of the brand, a new patent filed earlier this year by Activision for a music controller may indicate that the popular game may be resurrected: A user-directed sound generating function is included in a video game that is centered on music.

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Why was Guitar Hero discontinued?

In the words of publisher Activision, which will terminate its music game business and discontinue development of existing Guitar Hero titles, the series is coming to an end so that the company may refocus its efforts online.

Is Rock Band 4 still supported?

We anticipate that Rock Band 4 will continue to get support for the foreseeable future! Thank you for your continuous devotion and enthusiasm for the series; we are delighted to be able to share this wonderful news with you ahead of the debut of the next-generation console.

Can you add songs to guitar hero live?

It is not possible to add new songs to Guitar Hero Live by using standard downloadable material, and it is not backward compatible with prior tracks from previous Guitar Hero games.

Will they ever make rock band again?

According to their respective Twitter accounts in the year 2025, Harmonix, Rockstar Games, Spotify, and Razer Inc. have acknowledged that Rock Band 5 is presently under development. According to Jon “Ohsnapitsjf” Harmonics, a member of the Harmonix community, the game is presently under production, and a release date has not been announced as of this writing.

How many Guitar Hero games are there?

A popular guitar simulation/rhythm game series created by Neversoft and released by RedOctane and Activision, Guitar Hero is a popular game series. There are presently four games in the Guitar Hero series: Guitar Hero, Guitar Hero II (for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360), and Guitar Hero III (for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360).

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