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What Is Pleking A Guitar? (Best solution)

PLEK PRO is a cutting-edge, computer-guided process that scans, levels, and dresses your guitar’s frets to a microscopic level of accuracy for ideal action with no loss of sustain, minimized fret buzz, and no fretting out when bending strings, plus complete consistency whether you’re playing low or high on the neck. PLEK PRO is available in two versions: standard and custom.

  • A Plek machine is a gadget that may elevate the talents of guitar technicians to a whole new level by removing a significant amount of the effort out of fret work and increasing the standard in terms of exactness and quality control, among other things. For you, the guitarist, having your guitar Pleked means that you can not only hear and feel the improvements, but you can also see and hear the difference.

Is PLEKing a guitar worth it?

As a guitar technician and luthier, I can assure you that it is well worth the effort. A significantly superior method of performing fretwork – I’ve performed more fret levels and refrets by hand than I can count, and the PLEK technique is by far the preferable method of doing so. It doesn’t matter if it’s a custom shop guitar or a budget model, every guitar may benefit from getting PLEKed.

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When did Gibson start PLEKing their guitars?

Gibson has invested in state-of-the-art fret-dressing PLEK equipment in order to fine-tune and ensure that highly desired level of performance. However, starting this year, every instrument made by Gibson USA and its Custom Shop will benefit from the PLEKing process, as opposed to just two in 2006 and no more than two in 2007.

How long does it take to PLEK a guitar?

Do you know how long it will take to receive your instrument back? PLEKing the instrument and achieving the appropriate set-up typically takes our staff three working days (including delivery time) to complete.

Are all G&L guitars Pleked?

As part of the manufacturing process at the G L facility in Fullerton, California, all G L USA-built instruments are PLEK’d prior to shipping.

Are all Martin guitars Pleked?

It was discovered that Martin runs all of their guitars through the PLEK system, with the exception of the Authentic models. They are exempt due to the fact that their necks are not adjustable. the fingerboard and the frets are all at the same level.

What does a zero fret do?

Unlike the zero fret, which determines the height of the string over its fretboard when the string is played “open” (without being fretted), the nut, which is placed behind the zero fret, simply determines how far apart the strings should be strung before they route to their respective tuners on the headstock.

What does PLEK stand for?

A Plek is a computer-controlled fret leveling equipment that, in the hands of a skilled technician, can produce a fret work that is unmatched. It is capable of leveling frets to a precision of.00001′′, assisting in the process of producing nuts, and providing incredibly extensive setup features, among other things.

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How much does PLEK service cost?

PLEK machines are significant expenditures for any luthier or repair business, with each device costing around $250,000 to purchase. As a result, a business that incurs this expenditure will be forced to charge a fee in order to recover their investment. Prices for PLEK services vary, of course, but $200 is a reasonable starting point.

Can you PLEK a guitar with stainless steel frets?

Refretting & Dressing of Stainless Steel Frets is a PLEK Service Premium service. There is a proprietary method that goes behind the brand name PLEK that allows for precise dressing of the fretboard, fretwork, nut, and bridge, as well as for an overall superior adjustment of the string action.

How much does it cost to PLEK bass?

Is it possible to PLEK any guitar or bass? On the machine, you may install almost any acoustic or electronic instrument, regardless of manufacturer. How much does it set you back? In most cases, the typical cost of a PLEK is $302.50, which covers a complete setup and adjustment process.

Are PRS guitars Pleked?

In my understanding, there are certain distinctions in the way the SE series guitars and the core line guitars are used when compared to each other. A Plek machine, on the other hand, is not used by PRS on any of their model lines in the same manner as Gibson or Heritage would in the construction of a Les Paul type guitar.

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