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What Kind Of Guitar Did Elvis Play? (Best solution)

Guitars for live performance

Year Guitar Used
1955 Martin D-28 April 1955 – October 1956
1956 Gibson J-200 October 1956 – November 1970
1950s Isana Jazz 1958 – 1960
1960 Gibson J-200 March 1960 – June 1968


What was Elvis’s favorite guitar?

Gibson EBS-1250 Double Bass from 1965 After the construction was completed, Elvis purchased the Gibson and it quickly became one of his favorite guitars. This Gibson is a part of the Graceland Archives’ collection of instruments.

What kind of guitar did Scotty Moore play with Elvis?

Moore accomplished this feat using just two hands, six strings, and a specially constructed hardwood plank known as a Gibson ES-295. A fiery upright bass player named Bill Black, a singing, swiveling young sensation known as Elvis Presley, and an unconventional producer known as Sam Phillips helped him achieve success in the music business. He carried out this action at 706 Union Avenue in Memphis.

What guitar did Elvis use in 68 comeback special?

The fiery red Hagstrom Viking II guitar is up for auction this month through Kruse GWS Auctions. During his nationally broadcast 1968 “Comeback Special,” Presley played the instrument for the first time since devoting much of the preceding seven years to his movie career.

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What was Elvis Presley’s first guitar?

The guitar was purchased for $6.95 by Elvis’s overprotective mother, Gladys—”She never allowed me out of her sight,” Elvis would later recall—who then brought him to the Tupelo Hardware Store, where he received a present that would change the course of history: a six-stringed instrument. Elvis Aaron Presley was 11 years old when this happened on January 8, 1946.

Was Elvis Presley a good guitarist?

Throughout his career, he acquired a large number of additional and much finer guitars, and he utilized several of them as prop guitars in his films. Despite the fact that Elvis was a skilled guitarist and had a strong command of the guitar, he was no virtuoso when it came to playing.

Did Elvis play an electric guitar?

Eight years later, in 1968, Elvis returned to the stage with his newer 1960 Gibson J-200, which he played on his Comeback Special. Al Casey, a session guitarist, loaned Elvis a Hagstrom Viking electric guitar from his collection in 1968 for this same performance.

Who was Elvis Presley’s lead guitar player?

James Burton, Elvis Presley’s guitarist, says he started playing professionally when he was 14 years old.

Why did James Burton leave Ricky Nelson?

We performed on the show for a few songs, but when they wanted us to remain on full time, we stated we couldn’t. We were missing home and want to be there for Christmas with our families. As a result, we departed and returned to Louisiana. Ozzie phoned us about two weeks later and offered us the job as Ricky’s full-time band, which we accepted.

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How much is Elvis Presley’s guitar worth?

Elvis’ ‘Sun Sessions’ guitar sells at auction for $1.3 million, setting a new record. An auction house has reportedly sold the acoustic guitar that Elvis Presley used at the famous Memphis sessions that ushered in the “big boom” of rock and roll. According to sources, the guitar went for more than $1 million.

Who owns Elvis first guitar?

Tupelo Hardware Company was founded in 1926 and is well known for being the location where Gladys Presley acquired a guitar for her son Elvis in 1946 as a birthday present for the young musician. According to a letter made by a longstanding employee who happened to be present on that day, young Elvis Presley desired a ring for his birthday.

How much did Elvis’s guitar sell for?

In a recent auction, a Hagstrom Viking II electric guitar, which was played by Elvis Presley during his memorable 1968 televised “comeback spectacular,” went for $625,000.

Did Elvis teach himself guitar?

Elvis Presley, the American Roll Roll star, began playing the guitar at an early age, according to his biography. Brother Frank Smith, a young black preacher of the First Assembly of God Church in Tupelo, is supposed to have taught Elvis how to play the guitar, while Brother Frank recalls that Elvis already had a guitar technique book when he first came into touch with him.

What did Elvis want instead of a guitar?

Contrary to popular belief, Elvis Presley really wanted a gun or a bicycle for his birthday, both of which were quite common options for a little kid his age living up on the outskirts of Tupelo, Mississippi, according to rival accounts of the event.

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