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What Size Guitar Do I Need? (TOP 5 Tips)

In what size acoustic guitar should you invest your money?

Age Height Guitar Size
5 – 12 years 100 – 120cm 3/4 Size
12 – 15 years 120 – 165cm Small Body
15+ years 165cm + Full Size


  • The greatest choice for you if you are an adult is to get a full-size guitar. The length of a full-size guitar ranges between 36 and 40 inches in length. Take this measurement starting at the bottom of the guitar and continuing up its neck to the highest point of the instrument.

How do I choose the right size guitar?

Choose the appropriate guitar for your needs. Adults are generally at ease with full-size guitars (40″ Concert size and 41″ Dreadnought in acoustic guitars, respectively). If you are of modest stature, a 40″ concert size guitar or a smaller model may be appropriate. If you are above 6 feet tall, you should consider a Dreadnought size guitar.

Are 3/4 guitars for adults?

A 3/4 guitar is an excellent choice for a beginner’s guitar since its smaller size makes finger workouts easier because you don’t have to cover as much ground. Adults, on the other hand, may find playing a 3/4 guitar to be more comfortable, particularly if they have difficulty reaching lower tones or higher frets on standard-sized guitars.

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Is a parlor guitar 3/4 size?

What is the scale length of a parlor guitar? A parlor guitar is regarded to be the same size as a full-sized guitar. These guitars are slightly bigger in size than a 3/4 guitar and a 7/8 guitar, but not significantly so. Parlor guitars are the tiniest full-sized guitars available today.

Is 4 4 a full size guitar?

A 4/4 size guitar, sometimes known as a 40-inch guitar, is the largest guitar available on the market. They are frequently referred to as normal guitars or full-size guitars. This guitar size is not only appropriate for children, but it is also appropriate for adults.

Is a 38 inch guitar small?

However, despite the fact that the components’ sizes will vary, the 38-inch guitar is still considered a full-size instrument.

Why does Ed Sheeran play a small guitar?

Everybody had been playing small-bodied guitars like Sheeran’s up to that point. This size was created to market a guitar that was extremely loud, with a powerful bass that could be heard clearly even in a busy venue when played in a band without the use of amplifiers.

Do 3/4 guitars need different strings?

Regardless of whether the guitar is 3/4 or full size, the strings will be the same on both. Unfortunately, these inexpensive child guitars aren’t the best, so he’ll probably have to put up with it for the time being – at least until he’s old enough to start taking your guitars off to his room on his own initiative. Acoustic strings of any kind should be sufficient.

What guitar does Ed Sheeran use?

Guitars used by Ed Sheeran Martin Ed Sheeran Divide: Ed’s distinctive guitar, created in collaboration with Martin. It follows in the footsteps of his previous model, which can be seen below, in that it is a small-scale dreadnought acoustic that is highly influenced by the excellent Martin LX1E.

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What is a miniature guitar called?

In music, a guitalele (also known as a ukitar, or kok), sometimes known as a guitar-ukulele hybrid, is a guitar-ukulele hybrid, that is, “a 1/4 size” guitar, a mix between a classical guitar and either a tenor or baritone ukulele. The guitalele is marketed (and used) in a variety of capacities, including as a portable guitar and a children’s guitar.

Are parlor guitars good for strumming?

Is it possible to strumming on parlor guitars? Finger pickers tend to favor parlor guitars over other types of guitars. This is due to the fact that you can easily trigger the top string, which when paired with fingerpicking produces some fantastic sounds.

Which guitar is best for beginners?

The following are the best acoustic guitars for beginners in 2021: 10 simple acoustic strummers to get you started

  • Acoustic guitars for beginners in 2021: Here are the best options for you. 10 simple acoustic strums to get you started

Who plays a parlor guitar?

In addition to his work with Tin Hat (previously the Tin Hat Trio), Mark Orton is one of the most prominent high-profile performers of the parlor guitar. Orton has used the instrument in cinema, ballet, and theater, and has performed with a number of other noteworthy chamber ensembles as well.

Are smaller guitars easier to play?

Reduced-scale guitars have a more comfortable feel, not just because the neck is shorter, but also because the body is smaller. So if you pick up a 3/4-size guitar or a travel guitar and believe it’s wonderful for your little hands, it’s likely that it’s only the size of the body that makes it feel more comfortable for your small fingers.

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What is a 3/4 size guitar?

3/4-size guitars are designed for young pupils between the ages of 8 and 11. 36-inch guitars are also referred to as such. Furthermore, the guitar size does not correspond to the whole length of the instrument, but rather to the scale length. The scale is the distance between the bridge and the guitar head that is approximately 3/4 of the length of a full-size guitar and is measured in inches.

Does size of guitar matter?

Choose your preferred size! Guitars do not come in one size fits all! Most importantly, choosing the perfect size is critical because if you are uncomfortable playing something that is too huge for you, you will be less motivated to take up the instrument and start playing.

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