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Who Played Guitar For James Best On Andy Griffith? (Solution found)

Andy Griffith enjoyed picking up a guitar whenever he had the opportunity on The Andy Griffith Show. Out of everyone in Mayberry — including all of the Darlings — it was Jim Lindsey’s guitar playing that made the television sheriff the happiest, according to the show. The most talented picker in the county!
Is it possible that Jim Lindsey played guitar on the Andy Griffith show?

  • In the 1960s television show The Andy Griffith Show, his character played the guitar and went to church
  • in real life, he did the same thing and went to church. I was wondering what sort of guitar Jim Lindsey used on Andy Griffith.

Did Herb Ellis play the guitar on The Andy Griffith Show?

I had always assumed it was Herb Ellis, but it turns out that the Herb Ellis listed in the credits is an actor. Following up on the lead, it was discovered that Howard Roberts is the guitarist on the show. That is, at least, what my investigation discovered. It doesn’t matter who did the playing; it was excellent.

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Who played the guitar player Jim on The Andy Griffith Show?

James Best, who portrays Jim Lindsey, goes on to become a well-known sheriff in his own right. On “The Dukes of Hazzard,” he played the role of Rosco P. Coltrane. His time as a sheriff was just one season shorter than Andy’s, with the series running for seven and eight seasons, respectively, throughout his tenure.

Did Jim Lindsey really play the guitar?

Jim Best couldn’t actually play guitar for his role on ‘The Andy Griffith Show’ because he couldn’t get his hands on a guitar. Despite this, the creators of The Andy Griffith Show managed to make it work. Editors were able to replace the tracks with noises from Barney Kessel, a guitarist with the Wrecking Crew, with a little help from special effects.

What kind of guitar did Jim Lindsey play on Andy Griffith?

Jim and Andy are sitting in the Taylor living room, jamming on a Fender Jazzmaster electric guitar.

Was Andy Griffith a good guitar player?

Throughout Andy Griffith’s life, music played a vital role in his daily activities. As a matter of fact, Griffith owned the same guitar for more than 50 years. Griffith enjoyed playing the guitar both on and off camera, and he did it frequently. On “The Andy Griffith Show,” audiences can catch a glimpse of Griffith’s favorite instrument from time to time.

Who played Bobby fleet on Andy Griffith?

Henry Slate as Bobby Fleet in “The Andy Griffith Show” episode “The Guitar Player” from 1960 – IMDb. The Guitar Player (TV Episode 1960) – IMDb.

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Who were the musicians on The Andy Griffith Show?

Most fans of The Andy Griffith Show are aware that the core members of the Darlings band – Doug (once referred to as Jebbin), Rodney, Mitch, and Dean – were in fact the Dillards, a group of highly regarded bluegrass musicians comprised of Doug Dillard, Rodney Dillard, Mitch Jayne, and Dean Webb, who performed on the Andy Griffith Show.

Could Jim Best play a guitar?

James is unable to play the guitar. While speaking at reunion events, James has claimed that he believes Herb Ellis was the one who really played the guitar in those episodes, but that he is not positive.

Who played Roscoe P Coltrane?

According to his wife, James Best, an actor best remembered for his depiction of bumbling Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane on the iconic television series “The Dukes of Hazzard,” passed away on Monday night.

Was Bobby fleet a real band?

The Bobby Fleet Band is a six-piece band fronted by Dave Bromlow’s powerful lead guitar and Brad Reynolds’ soft vocals. The Bobby Fleet Band is comprised of six members.

Was Elvis on The Andy Griffith Show?

Andy Griffith and Elvis Presley made a cameo appearance in a 1956 comedy sketch together. As a matter of fact, Presley hadn’t yet made an appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, and the famous comedy The Andy Griffith Show wouldn’t introduce America to characters such as Sheriff Andy Taylor and Barney Fife, as well as Opie and Aunt Bee, until 1960.

Did Andy Griffith really play the guitar and sing?

No, he never published a record or eventually formed a band, but he enjoyed playing the guitar and singing in the background of his movies. In reality, he made multiple appearances with his guitar and delighted in performing songs on The Andy Griffith Show with his family. As for the tune, “Whoa Mule,” that was always his go-to choice.

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